Saturday, February 6, 2010

Men Cry

For a man to cry he must be empowered in his true masculine essence, he must know who he is and know that his strength can hold him face to face with anything the world can through at him. Once a man is solid in himself he can open to the deep pain of sadness, fear and shame he carries for being a part of the shadow patriarchal system that is bringing this beautiful feminine planet to the brink of death. We can cry for the loss of our fathers and the elders that once intended to initiate us into the sacred world of the masculine, we will cry for the loss of a powerful mother that stands in the divine feminine energy and nurtures us and opens her heart unconditionally. We cry for the lover we never have found that touches us deep and allows herself to be touched, opened and taken to the universal orgasm in witch we both let go and experience “God” coercing through juice of our life. In this place we can cry at a TV commercial that reminds us of this, nature can crack us open, knowing our mission in the world to be in our benevolent kingship and to fight for the health of the planet and for the protection of the women and children who depend upon our strength to do what needs to be done in a good way. Deep down we know what is missing and we grieve late at night when we are all alone or if we are lucky we sit in sacred circles with other men and share what is real, what hurts more then we want to admit and to know we are not alone. We can then cry, cry tears of joy to reconnect to our core, when we fully support one another rather than fight and try to out macho each other then we can open our hearts. Finely we can become sacred lovers, warriors, magicians and kings, we can merge with our sacred masculine with our beloved the divine feminine in realms beyond what only our distant ancestors knew as well as right here on the ground in which we stand. This is what will crack us open this is when you will see the flood of tears, snot and a wailing that will leave no doubt in your being that a man a true man can truly cry.