Friday, November 13, 2009

Revelation on the Mountain

They say if one is determined to reach self-understanding and eventual enlightenment then situate one’s self on a mountaintop and the answer will come from within. Well two and a half years later, I think I got it. Of course I don’t whenever I think but fortunately I get lost enough in my art process that I can actually forget to think for a moment. Only then dose it all seem to be right in the world, the suffering the heart ache the wars and the destruction of the planet, for that very moment I can accept it all and it’s just all ok. In that moment it becomes a good day to die, no more fear of loss no more clinging to all the stuff of this world. How long dose it last? Just a split second and that second is eternity, how is that that flash of eternity doesn’t last but the moment, ah time that convenient illusion that plugs me into all my fellow travelers.

Oh so back to the revelation. So in the state of bliss and eternity, I finally realize what the universe is. I’m ready to start a church, order the garb, write the IRS and get my tax-exempt status, oh god it’s so good to finally understand. I am somewhat reluctant to let it be known as so many profits and visionaries before, always someone will see me as false others will ask for proof and, well it’s just a big responsibility to let such profound knowledge out to the mass’s of the three of you maybe less that read my blog. Last week it was the sound of a mushroom snore, this week are you ready. Yes this is it… the Universe, step aside Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and let me tell you this is for real.

The Universe is Plaid…. Yes, take a moment and breath it in; let go of judgment and all you thought you knew, yes I am here to tell you well, I don’t think the obvious needs to be repeated. Yes for me also as soon as it was known it all made such perfect sense. Explains everything doesn’t it. Plaid in every direction imaginable layer upon layer infinite depth of plaid, every angle, inside or outside it’s all you know it, it’s all plaid. I have sat with this for a day and it is still the truth, I see these mountain people have known this all along. I guess after generations of living up here close to God they have seen his garb and that’s why all the good ol boys always adorn those shirts of plaid. Now I have come to realize that the fashion statement of the season is yes, Plaid a statement that our entire planet is coming into a state of spontaneous enlightenment.

So I’m sure the next question is what to do with such knowledge back in these hills and hollers in a town like Floyd up in the Appalachians of rural Virginia. Well it seems pretty darn obvious to me, it’s time to start up a church. Reverend Kurt the one with the revelation that made sense of it all. Gunna get me a robe and some cool preacher duds, of coarse all in plaid I'm so excited! Once I get that tax break and all the donations, gunna build me a big ol fancy church and yes I’ll paint it plaid. We’ll have a glorious garden planted in intersecting perpendicular lines of delicacies and flowering beauty and get this, this is the cool part every one that joins the church will get to purchase these very cool glasses that make every thing visual in plaid. So don’t be surprised even without the glasses you may start noticing Plaid every where you look, it’s ok, I was never a big fan of Plaid either nor God for that manner but ya know some things just are and can’t be denied forever. Forever Plaid.

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