Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Away from home

It has been a long time since my blog has had any attention. I feel my life is a contrast of a guy that dose well when his life style has some consistency to it and a life that asks to be spontaneous and open to the moment. Well this time life asked for my moment. I left the mountain of Floyd Virginia back on Thanksgiving Day, drove to Ohio then flew to San Diego then to Sacramento and finally to Grass Valley Ca. This was all planed to be a three-week trek. Now I find I am living in my new little home and I will be here till May. Art has a way I have experienced to direct ones life to manifest itself with the artist as merely a tool to accomplish it’s existence. In this case, a public art project for the city of Grass Valley, Yes I was the one that put it on the drawing board and fought for it and is that tool of manifestation, at times I wonder if the creative is an entity of it’s own and carries the energy of potentiality that will find a host to be it’s tool to exist.

I really miss my mountain home in Floyd, my studio, my bird and animal friends and my human friends as well. I miss my lifestyle on the mountain, the walks in nature, the relationship I have with myself there. I have a sweet longing like being far from my lover with only memories to share in my private dwelling inside. I realize the blessing I have received to be commissioned to do a major piece of art to create something I believe to be a sacred and healing installation. I sit with gratitude for the trust the universe has in my ability to create an Art piece that will stand for generations. Do artist feel more alone then others, I have my love within and am loved in so many ways, this relationship with the creative or perhaps it is with the creator becomes the one I ultimately give my commitment to. At almost fifty years I have yet to give myself over to any one other then this creative process, so romantic and so alone. I can laugh and cry as I treasure this connection, I can be sad and mad, glad and full of fear at times. I question the purpose and I come back to the purpose is only in the journey and that is what keeps one step out in front of the other.

So why write a blog? Well it is one of those steps and something inside is drawn to express what it feels like to be this artful being and being human at the same time.

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  1. HI Kurt, in response to your first paragraph, I encourage you to check out this link. Elizabeth Gilbert addresses artist issues of creativity and your idea of being a "host". .
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