Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Becoming a Man

 Burial 1998 14x11x14 inches
part of the ritual series, something we are so dearly missing 

I am a Man
A Green Man
I speak for the earth
For the trees and the animals
I have spoken all my life
And will speak after my death
Our earth is dying
We are loosing our soul
Men have lost their foundation and their beacon to guide their way
Lost in “things” and not another navigational device nor gadget will lead him home
Home is within, it is the time to go inside, seek, repent and feel
Feel the shame the sadness the anger the guilt and the fear
Feel it
Feel it fully and pick your sorry self up off the kitchen floor
Do something Man
Be a man and find your guiding light
Do this and you will not be lead astray
The earth needs you
The woman and children have been waiting
It’s time to wake up
It’s time to speak up and shout
For the air the water the plants and the animals
They are all your relations
You, your fathers your sons and your brothers that hold the power to heal
It is you that must take the heroes journey
Down into the darkness within your soul
Feel the shame the sadness the anger the guilt and the fear
Then and only then will you feel the true joy it is to be a Man.

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